Pull Together

You never  jumped,  before you were pushed even although you pushed, you pushed pushed, down and the pusher, he pushed, he pushed, he pushed you all around. Then you would love , you would laugh, altogether you would laugh, and you could not be pushed around, but the pusher he would slap you, he would … Continue reading Pull Together



It is  sad that Billy Connolly has dementia,.... seemingly. What will happen now, if it is true, he will go quietly. He will retire, the Daily Record will tell you. Google Billy Connolly Dementia, and there is a high level of activity from the world searching on that. How scunnered he must be, forgets his … Continue reading Brave

Porcelain you are, delicate,Coconut white and desiccatedArenite I am, disambiguatedWorld weary and percentage weighted.Rudimentary notions intactSolutions lacking tact Sedimentary consolidationErudite trepidation never was debatedRock solid I am, igneousCoconut white and complicatedQuartzite you are, crystallisedFine fine grains, and idolizedInanimate we are. ProstrateGuardians with a pact No elementary considerationImpolite metamorphosis will be negated