Tiree, Irene and Me

  Settting off at 3.00 am  to catch the 7.00am Tiree ferry, I felt particularly awake. My Tesco £7 Ryanair friendly suitcase was suitably overpacked for it’s one night stay on the distant island. The weather forecast was not good and had been deteriorating by the minute over the last three days, initially living up … Continue reading Tiree, Irene and Me


The Runs on Dava Moor

The countdown speedily diminishes as the hour of the starter gun quickly approaches. Training is going well, still getting in an average of 30 odd miles a week, although finding the space and time for the 'big' runs is proving somewhat evasive. Any road up, last week I took a night off from my athletic … Continue reading The Runs on Dava Moor