Rising Trident

Rising Trident It was not a plunging trident That spiked your stride Brought down by a gladiator Played out by a younger child It was not the poisoned blood cut off by the snow and ice coursing through determinedly Diminished by the surgeons knife It was not the fist of a bastard That clenched on … Continue reading Rising Trident


As Fast as the River Flows

As Fast as the River Flows I want to see as much as the mountain knows I want to whisper where the caveman goes I want to shade you from the blinding glow I want to run as fast as that river flows We've cracked eggs and made the omlette We've shut the gate, when … Continue reading As Fast as the River Flows

Smoking a cigarette you thought would be your last

Smoking a cigarette you thought would be your last Before you arrived, looking up, looking over, eyes downcast The clipped click of your heel on the New York cobble met Uneven, irregular, undulating, in the shining wet Seven for seven thirty, that's what I said Seven forty eight, that's not what I meant But smoking … Continue reading Smoking a cigarette you thought would be your last


It is  sad that Billy Connolly has dementia,.... seemingly. What will happen now, if it is true, he will go quietly. He will retire, the Daily Record will tell you. Google Billy Connolly Dementia, and there is a high level of activity from the world searching on that. How scunnered he must be, forgets his … Continue reading Brave