I Sang Soprano in the Prison Choir

Two aces, that night,  were dealt from the pack

By that black-hearted padre, whose life I would wreck.

Amongst the whiskey, the gambling, the whores and the scalps,

that godfearing prairie dog was my whispering pal.


But my amigo, Juan Madrez, that night was to die

I wanted to kill him, as I looked in his eye

He had tasted my woman in a shit filled latrine

No gringo would live if they stunk of my queen


He had been poking my woman, my Apache had said,

and when smoking the pipe, in my dream he lay dead

So when those black spots were turned, for the cash in the hat

Four bullets went in him, and two in his brat.



But the bastard bambino, stuck a blade in my throat,

his scrawny little neck, I quickly broke.

And that was the thing, that made the judge rage.

Killin’ that dirty muchacho at such a young age.


And for that, the judge said, I was to hang

next Friday, at noon, in the town of Duran.

and breakin’ these rocks, my palms were raw meat

The hole in my throat continued to weep.
The loop of the noose hugged tight round my neck.

as the hangman gripped tightly on the lever of death

Slaves all around prayed to God for Hellfire

and I sang soprano in the new prison choir.


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