It is  sad that Billy Connolly has dementia,…. seemingly.

What will happen now, if it is true, he will go quietly.

He will retire, the Daily Record will tell you.

Google Billy Connolly Dementia, and there is a high level of activity from the world searching on that. How scunnered he must be, forgets his train of thought in public once or twice and therefore it’s all over.

Sean Connery will phone and tell him, that he just has to accept it. You have a nice house , nice wife and plenty of money. Go quietly, Sean will say. I had to… or make League of Gentlemen 2, what would you do Big Yin?

Meanwhile Agnes Owens a friend of Big Banana Boots will keep refusing to go quietly, as much as the Big D will try to convince her otherwise. Keep going Meester Bond, Keep going Royal Jester, Keep Going Maw, and as for you Big D, you are getting oan ma tits!


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