Still Jingling

Still Jingling

So Christmas –You’ve come again

Like the old gigolo that you are.

But far, from giving up

You continually sup

the mulled whines of the mothers,

Like turkeys plucked


Whoa Christmas – Hold your Caribou

Austerity Britain, with it’s canny cope citizens,

at Crimbo, bar a few

posh etonians, who thanks to you

Are quids in

with kids in limbo


Go Christmas, play Kerplunk with baby Jesus

Who sees us, all, stressed, depressed, at our best,

only when drunk and

greeting about a Christmas

blast, from the past,

still jingling in our ears.


No Christmas, let the status quo be

stocking up all the year round with

good cheer, merriment, joy, love and much fear

Not a lot to ask?

Then take a note

Dear Santa and Jesus

Please, Please,

Please us .


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