Reggae Reggae Sauce

84 days to go. Lots of rain soaked training over the last couple of weeks. Running in heavy rain is an invigorating experience, but that happens, only if you find yourself caught in a deluge, starting off in a deluge, is usually a no no.
We are three now , training, for the Loch Ness Marathon, moi, Helen Webster and Lynda Banks, so there will be much, determination, inspiration and consistency there and I am delighted to be training with them.

The Fundraising is going great guns, and going the way it is, the target will hopefully be reached.

Anne Mason, Gordon Urquharts’ wife sent me the following correspondence regarding the her wishes for the money raised –
My initial idea is to dedicate any funds raised to improving the Mental Health unit – this will make the environment more therapeutic and will also make it a more acceptable learning environment for the students. We raised £600 last year through my own contacts here and this was used to rebuild a very run down room- and paint it- ready to be used as an art and counselling room. I have seen recent photos of this. Money could be used to paint the two wards (after some plastering); fix the windows; and make a small library and internet office for the staff. Any work carried out so far was in partnership with the hospital- who covered the cost of labour. These ideas have come from the staff during my time in Chipata.
When Gordon was at the project at Chipata, he was helping some of the students develop their musical skills and had helped them form a reggae band, and he also was working on “”interpretation and drama” with the mental health unit and Anne is currently in discussion with Creative-Hi on continuing a way forward with what Gordon had already started.
So there is very much still going on from Gordon’s’ legacy .


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