Dalai Lama- Jogleader

35 miles running this week and I had to miss one session due to having breakfast with Dalai Lama at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh on Friday morning, and do you know  what His Holiness said…Keep Going, no matter what , Keep going, . What a great Jogleader he is.

99 days to go as of now and we are on Week 8 of the training programme , a 16 mile run tomorrow,  Sunday, our furthest yet, but the forecast is heavy heavy clompers, which will make  it  even more invigorating.

This week, my Thursday run  was a sodden rain-soaked jaunt, my head was down a wee bit until , when running through the  Anagach woods, I  had  a big handsome hound bite me on the bum cheek. That woke me up and I suddenly was sprinting. Running Tip: If you are struggling , get a dog bite to get you focused .

After only being up for 3 days ,   donations are already up at an amazing £110. That is just brilliant.


So off to plan the 16 mile route


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