One More Sleep


She opened her eyes, and blinded, she tugged at the frayed fabric to block the sun.
Her brother turned and  faced into the van wall.
There was no sign of Uncle Thiago having been.
Davi she whispered.
Davi she said.
Davi she bawled.
He woke.
He rubbed his moist eyes
Yaritza stood over him
Has he been he asked?
Yes, but you must wash first.
Its Christmas, you don’t have to wash at Christmas
She opened the side door and left.
Davi looked out the window as Yaritza ladled the water into the vessel.
Quickly, he was told on her return.
The water was naturally warm
He ate the melon slice as he dried his eyes on the smudged linen.
A gecko clung to the inside of the windscreen
So what did he leave then, he asked
Eat another piece, she asked
Uncle Thiago’s car swerved into the dirt-track.
Go Pee
I don’t need
Go Pee she shouted.
Uncle Thiago staggered out.
He missed her with the slap, then slugged at the cold bottle of beer, with his other hand.
Merry Christmas he shouted opening the back door of the car.
He has been said Davi, delighted, lifting the Christmas wrapped gifts from the floor.
Uncle Thiago collapsed and lay, his face to the sun.
She covered it with the linen.
For Yaritza, Santa brought bathroom scales, a pot, and a silver pin
For Davi, Santa brought a chrome key holder, a foot spa and scented candles.
The gecko clung on tight to the cold of the beer bottleneck.


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