Fifty one  years ago, tonight, he died, my father. He was forty-three. A handsome man


It was a Saturday night and I was eight and a quarter. The Beatles were on twice on BBC TV that night, once on Juke Box Jury and later for the first time playing live.

Doctor Who was in The Forest of Fear.
We had bought presents that day and wrapped them.
President Kennedy was a few weeks dead.
The real Doctor said my father was to be taken into hospital.
It was all very exciting.
My father fought in World War 2.
He had experienced the fear of battle.
He was the jannie and in trauma.
It was Stobhill he went to, he had been before, walked to his bed and collapsed and died.
A thrombosis.
Recoverable now, but not then.
When I jumped from behind the couch to shout BOO at my mum on her return, my sisters and brother had been told. They were already weeping.
When Kennedy was shot, the TV shut down for days in mourning. He was a hero
My father shutdown forever that night.
He was a hero too.

Samuel John Crosbie Died 7/12/63


5 thoughts on “Shutdown.

    • Thanks for that Moira, I have my Fathers war records and he was in the whole of the war and all over the world…going to do something on that … good luck with the December Marcothon, x

      • Glad your doing something with your dad’s war records. You should contact the Imperial War Museum and see if they have any projects coming up.

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