Moonstruck, on that starry starry night, and in the far off horizon, comets came and went downstream fast, into the flat of the sheen. Laying on the hired bed of the hired home, her tired hands handled those tight shoulders.
Unstuck, we became, as the silence, wavered from the sounds of waves crashing and the distant bleating.
“Get naked”, the girlfriend ordered, “get naked on that bed, and facedown”.
The Sioux nation wailed and chanted and ranted a little bit more, to shut out the bleeding sheep.
Warrior like, my erection detected the lean legs astride me, on me, straddling.
Beside myself, I lay unstiffening, and keen to feel the power of this mistress.
Her dry tongue surfed the wet back, and surfed his wetback, from the blades to the small.
She began grasping the bad vibe and dumped it and grasped it and dumped it and grasped it and dumped it.
Relax she advised, and the soothing soft shooshing helped, but I couldn’t, not fully, not like him.
The braves stopped, the chant stopped, all was quiet, movement was muted, the sea said nothing and there was now silence from the sheep.
Quiet……..quietly……… quieter. Peace…..Peaceful…..Peacefully and I sank deep, deeper, and deeper down.

When we opened our eyes, she had gone.
From the moonlit roof ridge I could see her on the shores edge, her long flowing wisps bedraggled and salty.
She waved her arm and beckoned.
I held that latch, I held it tight and it wouldn’t budge for him, not one inch, and he shouted,
“Come back, come back”.
“I cannot hear you, open the window”, she shouted.
The sheep repeated the bleating and the sea drowned her pleading and I did not hear her.
“Get out”.
“Get out”.
“Get out”, he screamed at me, but the wailing of those redskins was now hysterical
Relax, I advised, and the soft howling from the lambs helped
Quiet now, you be quiet now
Quiet……..quietly……… quieter. Peace…..Peaceful…….Peacefully, he sank, and he sank deep, deeper down.


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