That kiss, the last kiss, we never knew it was
The glance, that last glance we never knew it then
That song, the last song, we never heard the verse
This space, the empty space, this empty universe.

Hey, but don’t you worry none,
Don’t you lose your way
Just remember all those people
Telling you, everything, will be ok

Holding you, holding on, you’d never let me go
Wrapped around, and around, I’d stay for evermore.
Those words, tender words, softly spoken so
The gap, this widening gap, gets harder to crossover.

Hey, but don’t you worry people
Don’t you lose the place
Just remember the good news
You ain’t had a drink today

The way, that way you go, I don’t know what it is
That way, the way I go, you won’t know what to do
That way, that way we go, lets press the big red button
That light, the blinding light, our heads they keep on hurting

But hey, don’t you worry strangers
Now you’ve lost your way
Just don’t take that little something
That’ll take that pain away

Seems to be, seems that we, go back to what we know
Alone you are, alone I am, this is us, our true selves
At least your right, and I am right, independence reigns
Look out for you, look out for me, but look after yourselves


So don’t you worry lovers
It’s good that you’ve found your way
Keep trudgin, trudgin forwards
It will all be over one day.


2 thoughts on “Trudgin

  1. I love this one too John – your writing is getting better and better and you are unafraid to try different things or to show your heart. Very good poem!

  2. Hi Kay, I was sitting by my macbook waiting for your response, hence the quick reply. Thanks for your encouragement. I know it is a poem, but it was originally a song. But hey, no matter, praise is welcome. I should be back to angry rants with a touch humour……. soon.

    so where is your blog page, anyway?

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