A listers

Noah Beery came into my kitchen last night.
He stole one of my teaspoons, but was long gone before I noticed.
It’s not the first time and it aint gonna be the last.
While he was here he told me of his greatest fear.
I liked him for that.

Akim Tamiroff hung up the sheep carcass on the door jamb.
I felt his anger and yet,
and yet I have guddled in many a burn with Akim and gutted the fish
but he knows the end is far and yet so near
I liked him for that.

William Bendix scoured my teapots tea stains with sand.
Sharp sand too, enough to last ten years
he will never box again, not like a sportsman, not nimble light
don’t worry Bub, don’t you worry Bub he said
I liked him for that.

Yapphet Kotto stand proud, great warrior
He put his shoes on the fire and then the potato peels
Soot covered crows do not startle him, not even at dusk.
So bring on the voodoo, his bingo wings are made of steel
I liked him for that


2 thoughts on “A listers

  1. I really like the word images and the odd dream-like quailty of all these obscure actors making appearances in the narrator’s home. However, I don’t think I understand the meaning. What am I missing?

  2. Michelle, it is a kind of attempt at Dadaism. So my Dadaism in this case is selecting ‘obscure’ actors and associating them with freeflow random memories, and at a second glance subconcious references to all that has gone before on this blogsite. You are not missing anything and welcome to interpret freely. (This phase of surrealism will pass)

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