Above and Below

Above and Below

Its 1996, Summer. Location, North of Scotland, Dornoch Beach. A lone walker trudges along the seashore, he is striking a deal with God.
Above, God and Jesus are in a big shed which has racks and racks of hanging plans, they are filing, superseding, and refusing permission to assorted submissions. Meanwhile, below, on the beach the walker continues to plea bargain, promising not to look back, if only God will give him a ‘bird’ that will truly love him, this time.
In front of him, in the distance a moped travels along the sands, parallel with the incoming waves. Above, in the shed, a large warning light flashes on and off, with the words ‘Incoming Meaningful Prayer”.
Jesus checks the ticker tape. M for Mackay he informs God, his full name is Rab Mackay.
God ushers Jesus to go to the Mac racks to search for the relevant plan.
The pleading continues from the shorewalker, he will stand by his promise, but only if the next woman will say, that she will truly love him this time.
Ahead of him the moped topples, the rider clutching his chest, but, moments pass, and he lays still, his face being lapped by the incoming tide.
Above, the warning continues flashing, God requests the specification, Jesus scans the documentation, and reads out loud the relevant text.
The walker looks beyond the fallen rider, and sees a girl in the distance, appearing behind and between the sand dunes.
God shouts Granted, Granted, Granted.
The light continues to flash.
Jesus returns to the incoming info station. Its Robert, not Rab, Robert.
God rages at him to hurry to get the correct data.
The walker hastens his stride, towards the sand dunes, past the bike rider, who is partially submerged in two inches of tidal water.
Thank you lord, utters the hiker, thank you, I will not look back.
Jesus rushes to God, and hands him the new paperwork.
Granted exclaims God.
The warning light continues to flash, ‘Incoming Prayer’
Someone on the shore will get their prayers answered, but who, and will God realise that Jesus is right about the modern technology?


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