Quiet Conversations from Belladrum


What I’ll do is, see this cardigan, I will put it inside this and that can be a pillow.
I brought down the another sleeping bag and once you get into your own I will spread this one over you.
So if you put that pillow on top of the air pillow that should be good. Ok, are you settled?

Leave the flap open, let’s just look at the light, it beautiful.
It is, yeah, it is
This, camping its not easy.
It’ll be fine, but if it gets too bad, I’ll drive you home
I can get a bus.
Look at that light it’s beautiful
Like you, a beautiful light
Its getting cold, can you close the flap.
Have you gave me your sleeping bag too, are you going without.
No, mines is here
I am getting warmer.
You will.
This is ok.
It’s just wonderful being here, camping, in a tent, at Belladrum, with you.
It is.
It’s so nice

See that wee blonde thing, Am gawn doon tae get her, bring her back here an fuck her.
Aye me tae, ya cunt
Whit ye oan aboot, ye cud huv shagged thon big hing
Fuck off she wiz rank.
Haw ya cunt, fuck that, your rotten.
Make us a joint
Make us a joint an A’ll let ye screw her
Its fuckin stinkin in here
Mind thon wee thing A wis wae a couple of weeks ago
She likes it up the arse an everything
Dis she
Aye, fuckin excellent
A thought she wiz gawn wi thon big –
Aye but he widni gie her it up the arse so she dumped him
Fuckin Brilliant
Pass it oor here ya cunt.

Do you want me to deal with those guys, because I will.
No leave it. They don’t have a clue.
Are you ok.
I’m fine, talk to me I like it when you talk to me

Do you know I like you ……a lot.
I know

You ready for sleeping
I think so

A’ll tell ye whit see next year, A’m no comin tae this bit ye know, in amongst aw these deid fuckers. Aw sleepin at four in the mornin, whit kinna fuckin festival goers ur they. Deid bastards. listen tae that oor there, ful o birds fuckin partying
Ya cunt look at the state o ma sleepin bag, its aw fag burns
Shut it, an pass us a can aifter ye make that.
We’ ll need tae get sum drugs
We will and when we cum back we will get a hawd o wan o these wummin aboot here an fuck her.
Fuck aye, probably be glaid o it
Aye probably wantin a bit a fun.
This sleepin bag sfucked
Shut it ya cunt
Aw hey yer no pishin in the tent
Naw Am no pishin in the tent
Ye’d be as well . Ye’ve already shit in oaften enough.
Hey away and pish on the cunts next tae us
Aye, will A

Listen, it won’t bother me cutting your throat
Do you believe me
Good, because I am having a good time and slitting you would be nice, but would probably spoil it for others .
Do you understand me.
Good you go back in and piss, shit and eat in there and don’t show your fuckin ugly faces out here when we are about or I will cut your fuckin dick off and choke him with it
Do you believe me.

You warm enough
You go back to sleep.

Young Hearts Run Free

Where were we when we first danced to that.


Yes I remember


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