Old Man

It was blue, all of it, sea and sky and I had left early to go see the Old Man.

He was not aware I was coming, but I was sure he would make time for me.
The route was quiet, most were coming down. The midgies already feasting.
It was a quick hike up next to him. No one was around.
I placed the palm of my hand on his smooth angular face and said, ” Old Man, I beseech you, that, in fusion with my fragile flesh, you share with me, a mere scrap of your inherent energy, thrust and patience, and that I see more clearly, remain steadfast and never falter. Old Man, I beseech you’.
I kept my hand in place for a few more minutes, removed it from his girth and left.

My son, he came to you too.
You felt his presence
Once more I crave your assistance, Old Man
Once more I beseech you.
Once more
The flesh of soles shall reach you
Old Man
Old Man of Storr


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