Lindsay Rides Out

Me and Lindsay Lohan, the last time we met, was back in 2007, in a Los Angeles coffee-house.
Back then she had cleaned up her act, but that fact did not headline the news channels in the USA.
I was cleaning up my act then too, and continue to do so, he said with no smugness whatsoever. This time, I see that our Lindsay is going down for 90 days to the state penitentiary, because her alcohol detecting bracelet got a sniff of that demon drink, being, in, near or around about her.
Hey that little bitch was given a second chance, and what does she go and do, laugh at the state, the county and even Obama himself, that’s what she does, just laughs at all of us.
Little Bitch!
Look at how she is sorry, and how she weeps, she might be a shit actor, but she is sure putting on a show for the goddamn judge now.
Let, me make an assumption here, folks, when that little girl is pleading or is promising not do drink or drug again, she will mean it, she will mean it with all her heart, at that moment, on her life, her mother’s life, or any body’s life and the person she is most hoping to convince with all of that, will be herself.
If she was let go, it is highly likely, that she would be blotto again, within hours if not minutes, and nobody would be more baffled about that, than her.
Celebrities in that situation makes for great news, and we can all sit in our armchairs, pigging out on our junk food, reality TV and any other form of porn, real or imagined and spit venom at the likes of LL.
Of course, Craig Ferguson, has already ready-made this point, a few years back, when Britney Spears was the joke.
In a street in Laredo, at the weekend, there was seemingly over 80,000 recovered alcoholics, converged from all over the world. All of them celebrating the fact that they have kicked their addiction to liquor into touch, for one day at a time.
Who knows, since then, there may be some them, that are back on it.
It happens.
Even 80,000 is all a bit spartan, when you consider the millions on this planet whose life is totally fucked with alcohol addiction. Lindsay Lohan may be one of them too, so once we have finished laughing, let’s try not to pick up any more of those rocks.

WOR Newstalk Radio, New York 710 Steve Malzberg. What a great show this is reflecting the freedom of speech of America. This guy rants on, creating imaginary scenarios, where Barack Obama is the boogeyman and is coming to get all hardworking flag loving redneck Americans. Aided and abetted by his two hobgoblins Bill and Hilary.
Those blacks, you know, they just won’t let that slavery item be struck off the history books, always on about it.
Get a life you guys, just drop it.
We ain’t saying in never happened, but how long you gonna bleat on about it.
Jesus Christ, are you not free to come and go as you please, right now, today?.
Of course you are.
So why not just quit bitchin’ up about all that slavery shit for once and all……….
………now then, how about those Iranians, trying to tell us that the Holocaust never happened. unbelievable. We should never forget that, in fact I will e-mail you some photos of skeletal Auschwitz victims, please pass it on to seven people before 11.00pm and your wish will come true, if not then Obama, Hilary and Bill will be hovering around your bedroom window.

Us Scotch people are popular over here, with our Irish brogue and Braveheart warrior tendencies. It was people from our small nation that brought scalping to the American Native. Easterhouse folk, hold your head up.

Make a phone call in New York and you are presented with a choice of languages.
Spanish Press 1
English Press 2
Arabic Press 3
etc etc

……and the dude said, Spanish? Spanish? It should be English first, not goddam Spanish, us Americans, we were here first!.

At that convention, at the opening flag ceremony, the first nation represented, was the Apache nation.

You see Lindsay, get yourself sorted and everything becomes clear.


2 thoughts on “Lindsay Rides Out

  1. CJ, you’re a true wit…and a sage, too.

    LiLo could have done without the FU to the Judge on her middle finger, though.

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