The past three nights that I came back into the lobby of the motel, Delores was sitting at the computer, playing patience, spider patience.
She cheated according to my rules.
I told her so.
She laughed and said I was bullshitting her.
On previous evenings, I had offered her a coffee because I was going to get one. she usually refused, but last night she said OK.
I sat down on the sofa, a little closer to the computer than usual.
She asked me if I wanted on, to see my emails, I did, but said I would do it later.
She continued cheating. I said nothing more about that.
What do you do anyway, she asked.
Different things, this and that.
Damn, damn, damn, she responded.
A little tubby guy waited off camera for a go on the PC.
I looked at him to go away.
He did
I liked Delores, she was black, in her forties, looked fit and was funny. Now and again she would cough and I could hear a whole lotta phlegm bubbling in beneath her pert breasts. There was damage deep down there.
Something bothering you, she asked
Something bothering you?
Me, No, Why?
I just wonderin’.
Ok then.
There was quiet before her question but now there was silence.
Damn she said
I looked out at the downpour outside.
What makes you ask that I asked
She asked me that I wait a second
What you saying
What makes you ask that
I just feel it
The quiet came back.
Your right, there is something bothering me.
There is?
Yes, you want that, I tell you.
If you want to, don’t bother me none if you don’t.
I will.
I told her.
She listened, but continued playing the game.
What you gonna do about it ?
I don’t know, what do you suggest?
Let it go.
Yeah, your right. I should.
Tubby showed up again.
You want another coffee I asked her.
No thankyou, I should be getting to my bed.
Me too.
I got myself another coffee.
Good night Delores
Goodnight CJ
I offered to shake her small black hand.
She clasped my fingers.
You want to bring that coffee up to my room.
I bent and kissed her cheek.
Goodnight Delores
She closed down the card game.


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