Ugly Rumours

As we know, a General Election is just weeks away, and for the first time in my voting life, I am totally distant from the whole thing. This, I realised today and it was quite disconcerting for me.

Election night, in my politically active youth, for me, was always very exciting, staying up through the night, with my dozen cans of Tennents lager, bottle of Scotsmac, 20 Embassy Regal and 2 packs of Pakora, hanging on to every word that the various politicians would utter, until after an hour into it I would shove on Johnny Cash and give it laldy before it got ugly.

One of the ugliest political commentators of them all was Anthony Howard, and over the years he has just got uglier. Of course in days gone by, that ugliness of the commentators reflected the ugliness of most politicians, where as now its all about image, but lets not be kidded, David Cameron is no Jean Claude Van Damme , whilst William Hague’s big bawheid resembles the back of an old damaged van.

That said, the current government will most probably be ousted for having the most ugly people in a cabinet, and that’s even without Margaret Becket, although the post-mortem will flag up the state of the economy as the reason for any failure.

So while there is time Gordon Brown and his cronies should just come clean and apologise to the nation for their lack of good looks and promise to improve on them by the year 2012.

One of my great socialist heroes, was The Right Honourable Michael Foot, the great orator and first class intellect, who, unfortunately, and he only had himself to blame, let the whole nation down by owning a duffel coat, allowing the Beautiful Bismark Bomber with the great legs back into power for a second term of office.

Back then I had opinions, read the Guardian, Observer, the Glasgow Herald, watched the Six o’clock BBC News, the 6.30 ITV news, Channel Four News at 7 o’clock, News at Ten, finished off with a Paxman power punch in Newsnight at 10.30. I knew what was going on then and wanted to tell you so. It made no difference as it was the Sun readers wot won it.

Then we had John Major, a wimp of a man, who obviously didn’t even have the bottle to knock back Edwina Currie, when she wanted a shag from him, as reward for handling his rotten eggs, although, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs….

Then, things could only get better, and on that morning of May 2nd 1997, the sun was shining , the skies were clear blue and the whole country was full of hope. I had just got a big Tax rebate and was off to Gran Canaria for a fortnight.

Life was good. I took great delight in seeing the Tories getting trounced, after eighteen years of Conservative imposed misery.

I, too, bought into the whole New Labour dynamic, and loved it when Oasis turned up for pineapple and cheese cocktail sticks at Number Ten.

At the last General Election, I was evading council tax, which was a more important cause, so voting for me never took place.

Being brought up to be a socialist, and at one time, a fully fledged member of the Labour Party, the CND and the treasurer, no less, of Anti-Nazi League, but then I drank the money and was duly sacked. Fascists!

Not to worry, I may not be marching these days, but I do put in the time to click on so many worthwhile causes on Facebook. I can sleep at night knowing I am taking action. Even as I write this I was asked participated in the two worthwhile campaigns ‘Lets burn everybody ‘ and ‘Make Subo a Dame’.

For the first time, at the last Scottish Parliament Elections, I voted for the Scottish Nationalist Party. I hung my head, I hung my head.

Don’t tell ma maw!

I don’t really know what party I will be voting this time, Mr Brown? Who Knows, maybe. Why, because I believe he is genuine, and what he has been through in terms of pressure alone, he deserves to win, and I am not being cynical.

Mr Cameron with his stiff upper lip and determined jaw, don’t do it for me, so on yer bike cammy!

These are interesting times, big changes are coming , whatever happens, and I am constantly advised to look after my own wee part of the world, but that’s not right either. I want to participate in and with the whole world, and that starts with me.

Where I am in life is pretty damn good, right now.
But there is so much work to do, and I am up for it, whoever wins.


4 thoughts on “Ugly Rumours

  1. Michael Foot also did one other terrible thing – he broke his leg and looked human. The media rubbish made him a laughing stock in the public eye for that. His integrity and great intellect meant nothing. I admired him and another one I still admire is Roy Hattersley – he has never had any trouble telling the truth. His looks must be why he never became leader but I wish he had been -he has always been the best. Apart from John Smith, but that is another story. As you can tell I am only talking about one party – the one that matters to me is Labour.

    I was Scottish Nationalist because of my family – my dad was area chairman and in early years of elections I remember my brother and I going round doors working for them. As soon as I could vote though it was Labour although I did the same terrible thing as you and voted Scottish National last time. Nothing could make me vote for a party with Tony Blair as leader. Gordon Brown is a different matter and deserves a decent chance. Early socialism stories are inspirational and when I went to college, like you, I joined Labour. Not New Labour mind!

    This election comes at a time after all the discrediting stories about expenses claims and the banking scandals. We need honest, hardworking and unglamourous leadership. It is not the time to abandon Labour. But they need to change and redistribution of wealth should be as important as it once was. We’ve talked about this, John. Our lives are good and we are lucky. There is a young generation who deserve the very best, even if it is what is seen as the best of a bad bunch. Thanks for this blog – keep going please.

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