Kung Fu

Over the weekend I managed to see two films. Green Zone in the cinema and Revolutionary Road on DVD. The Paul Greengrass/Matt Damon partnership, which spawned the successful latter two of the Bourne Trilogy. Given the Oscar success of the The Hurt Locker, and the Iraqi war subject matter, Green Zone coming at the back with ‘the truth behind ‘WMD’ looked promising to say the least. After forty minutes, I realised what I was watching was total crap……..this is total crap… jump to me , …………………………

it’s the middle of the night and my head is racing, my heart is roasted, and I coming to that place.

As the once great Scottish Engineer , frequently uttered, “A canna take much more o this, Captain”. So Fuck you Captain. I really cannot do this anymore, and I know what I have to do. I will remove myself from all ongoing social situations and shut down any further communication with everyone. It’s for the best, after all, it seems that I am the catalyst for change, and need to move on for the sake of others . Like Cain in Kung Fu, I shall have to move to the next town wherever that maybe and I will try to make a difference there.
Once again and believe me, I shall trudge that road to Happy Destiny, with more enduring pain than ever. Am I going to run away, do what is for the best, live and let live? Who the fuck knows?
This is not heroics, or altruism, this is me, lost again, as in, having been given such a wonderful beautiful gift then, having it taken away, having loss again, this is me coping. So thanks a fuckin bunch Captain, but at least show me the way outta here, at least point me in the right direction, but then again, I believed you had done that already.
So before I get to that place, thanks so much to you all, and please look out for her. She is a star. Or maybe that’s me……..

Or was it Matt Damon?


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