Craving the Bubonic Plague

I recall when I first hear about blogging. It was on a news item, and it was about some guy who had been sacked, because, on his blog, he had badmouthed his employer about the underhand goings on within that company. it seemed, back then, that to whistle blow was what the act of blogging was for. That seems to have faded away. This blog, my blog, has not, so far been particularly about anything, but I certainly could relate the dubious machinations of a Department of a Local authority in the North of Scotland that I am aware of, but jobs are scarce and in any case, my employer is probably the best employer one could have.
Nope… I cannot tell a lie … I can’t say that, without having a sense of moral ambiguity hanging over me. How much difference does it make if the people know that my employer, as an entity, is a shambles. a complete and utter shambles. See that was just a wee test, we’ll see, if my P45 is to be posted.

Last year, at the beginning of Summer, when there was much walking and much talking, on the Great Glen Way and then the same harbouring of injustice, later expressed, some months later on the West Highland Way. This was regarding the Great Banking Implosion, and it was noted, that there was much apathy with the masses of the UK in terms of there being no sign of the nation out marching on the streets against that Great Meltdown of Capitalism, especially, as it was happening in full view of us all.
And as our wee COBRA committee marched, not on the streets, but through the heather, it was noted that these gangster bankers, no less, should be locked up as such.
At the time, I personally, felt is if I should get back in touch with my suppressed left-wing values and even said so out loud, to my centre left compatriots, that I was considering teaming up again with Peter Mullan and Co. Yes, I admitted, I lost site of those values, but hey, we all make mistakes. The Revolution was coming, it was, it really was…….
Almost a year later, the shoots of recovery are budding. The Housing Market is improving, banks losses are diminishing , unemployment is slightly decreasing. The thundering hooves of Capitalism are but a distant murmur, but the Four Horseman are placing their boot in the stirrups to get back in the saddle again it seems.
Of course I am not forgetting the Catastrophic Swine Flu Pandemic that swept through the country, killing thousands in its wake, and being one of the lucky survivors, I am so so truly grateful that we were all well prepared for it. One of the great benefits of working for that Local Authority I referred to earlier was the way that we could have just an inkling of a snotter running onto our top lip, and that would trigger a bubonic plague response, where to stay indoors was all you could do, and pray to God that when the Wagonmaster came round beckoning for us to bring out our dead, that to oblige him, would be unnecessary. Although it should be said that counselling is still ongoing to the unlucky ones who got hooked during that imposed lock-in, on Benylin and Jeremy Kyle.
It has been a long Winter and there was pleasant signs of Spring during the last few days, with the blue skies and a smidgen of heat coming from the Sun, impacting on the white Highland plains.

In my travels, though, there seems to many who are thoroughly scunnered, even on the verge of suicide. Can it simply be the long winter that has caused such depths of despair or are we also imploding? Have we missed an opportunity for change? Only months ago when the financial news was at its worst, there was much talk of new found recognition that life was for living. Now. Not for pension schemes, property investment or nest eggs for the future. For living . Now.
Buddhism says that the problem with the Western World is that we cannot accept impermanence, that nothing stays the same and yet here we go again grasping, craving and clinging to that materialistic God of False Security, who will, once again bind and blind us to bricks and mortar, sacrificing our freedom of living today, in the hope of having something we are certainly not taking with us when we go

So, I was thinking of starting a new movement, The Apathy Party. If you want to join let me know, but, hey if your busy, we can catch up.


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