See me, See ma Maw

Chaserjay, how did that come about then?
Back in 1998, a business man, had signed up with PC World for a £1200.00 Packard Bell PC, for company purposes, repayable over 3 years. The PC was delivered to the business premises, the top flat in a council scheme, where cats and dogs were taken indoors at 9.00pm in case any of the wains might bite them. Every occupant of this block of flats was working a scam, whether it was dealing drugs, prostitution, cheap tobacco, insurance defrauding to pay for holidays to USA, or arranging the fracture of their kids lower shins, so a claim could go in against the council for the high drain covers that were, simply treacherous.
The PC had the facility of the internet and the World Wide Web. Within a few weeks of messing about with spreadsheet analysis exercises the business man decided to have a go at the W.W.W to see it what was all about, and in the process, a nomdiploom was sought to allow access tp AOL IM and that was when Chaserjay was born. Shortly after that, Chaserjay went onto be one of the pioneers of the internet relationship after it had been spotted that he was born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon by a Californian Redhead and her Drunken Lesbian Companion, who had wanted to trace their ancestors the Clan MacNab. Chaserjay duly obliged, and this was reciprocated later that year to Cj by CR who took him across the Californian Gold Trail in a brand new Mustang!!

All characters appearing in the above paragraph are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

My mother is the author Agnes Owens. Right now she is not keeping too well, and the family is a bit concerned. Much has been written about her, but maybe not from one of her family. She has no idea what the internet is about, but is amazed when I tell her about all the stuff that has been written and available on it. When I go down the road to see her, I print off stuff and show her it So last week I asked if I could create a wee page about her the next time, will let her see it and she said OK. If you have not heard of her, Google her on the web, or wait for the fan page to be be launched shortly on Facebook. She is an amazing lady and so say all of us.
One of her stories The Lighthouse was adapted into a short film, directed by Winifred Martins. A copy of this film is very hard to find, has so anybody seen it or know where to get it? -


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