Heaven Sent

Hi again , I have had something on my mind  lately , since Christmas anyway, something that I would use the phrase, ‘Heaven sent’ but that’s gone now, and here I am, anyway, last night,  I went to see the film, The Lovely Bones,  and noticed, by the way,  for the first time, the The, preceding Lovely Bones, always thought it was just Lovely Bones. I  had previously anticipated the film version of Alice Sebolds book, on its release, would be a big movie event , in fact, I thought it would have been the big Christmas movie of 2009, given Peter Jackson’s involvement, but it seems to have arrived a bit subdued although it was released on the day after Christmas in New Zealand.  I never said Boxing Day because I am not sure if Kiwis have a Boxing Day

I read the book on holiday  in a heavenly part of Greece,  back in 2006, and was enthralled by it , but if you asked me last night, what was in the story, apart from knowing that the narrator was a murdered girl telling the story from Heaven.,  I wouldn’t  have been able to tell you much more about it than that, except it was called Lovely Bones (without the The).

Films set in Heaven have always fascinated me.  I like Heaven , even, hoping to go there one day even although it’s probably a load -a -shite.  See that, I said probably, I really don’t want to rule it out all together, in case I forfeit my space.

One film, I really liked with Heaven in it, was Made in Heaven, an offbeat, boy-meets-girl romance in which boy dies, dead boy meets dead girl, dead boy loses dead girl, and dead boy tries to find dead girl again. The tale begins is a small Pennsylvania town, where Mike Shea dreams of escaping small town life and moving to California with his girlfriend Brenda. But Brenda leaves him with his motor running and Mike takes off alone. On the way, he rescues a woman and her children from an icy river but perishes himself. He finds himself in Heaven, where he is greeted by Aunt Lisa, who explains the rules and regulations. Once in the ethereal realm, Mike falls in love with a heavenly lass with flaxen locks named Annie . But their love is torn asunder because Annie has not yet earned her wings on Earth; she must leave on a tour of duty and put in time inhabiting a human body. Mike is beside himself in despair, but the heavenly powers, in the form of Emmett , chain-smoking and sporting an orange crewcut like a ghostly, offer him a deal. Mike can return to Earth, but only on the stipulation that neither he nor Annie will remember each other. They then have thirty years in which to find one another again. They keep on walking by each other or brushing against each other, not knowing.  The thing is that has happened to me hunners of times, beautiful Kelly McGillis look-a-likes, bumping into me in Tesco’s,  when I am  getting my hot Cumberland Sausage  bagged, but they just don’t know  that I am the one. It’s so sad.

CGI for me, can be a bit of, can you spot the join?, and then you lose site of the story, trying to see if , as  a recent example,  if thon big blue Avatars,  ( I actually hate Avatar- have mentioned that), are anatomically correct, which then becomes what the film is about instead of the narrative.

In The Lovely Bones , I was impressed with PJ’s vision of heaven, although some of the visuals could have been  straight out those, ‘This is  Awesome’ email attachments that  come my way ,with  positive life enhancing messages, pan pipes music, and a big mad planet setting over a beautifully serene big blue lake.

There were four of us at the screening, two  not going for heaven and two for it, so as a representative snapshot poll, 50% of the cinema audience believed in heaven.

So  I’m going  with the message of hope it sent out , that essentially ,  if you lose what was heaven-sent during life on earth, not to fret,   because, you know what, everything will be ok.  Probably


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