Oh Lummy

I have just watched  Limmys Show on BBC iplayer.  No 2 of 2 and if No 2 equals shit well that is just about right.  I don’t know what the ratings are for this, but staying faithfull to Brian Limond after show No 1, and out of loyalty to my son, I’d guess there would be  at most another two people watching this, Limmey and my son.

Limmey is a youtube sensation and if you are not familiar with his astuff have a look at his wepage limmy.com. I was introduced to him about two years ago, and he is now one of my Facebook friend for Christ’s Sake’s.  I liked him when he was on the small YouTube screen and when he made the grade onto BBC TV I thought he’d be a success. I admire his courage as no doubt there will be other Gentlemen of the West who don’t like him but will probably not take the time to blog about him, but simply smash his face in, as the late great Bernie Winters would say, “I’ll smash your face in” . See thats the thing , thats the progress in TV comedy , tt goes from Schnorbitz to Limmey and  where Schnorbitz replaced Mike in the Winters brothers double act, Limmey is the new Socrates.

I recall a couple of years ago at the Edinburgh Film Festival , a film called My Life as a Bus Stop,   if you are nauseus and need a good vomit  have a look at the trailer, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOOmb1qwQq0 which was shortlisted for the Michael Powell Award. This film was hailed as a sensational new Scottish Comedy or something like that.  Fuck  Knows, but it was directed by The Finnegans, oh aye, right, is that Finnegans thats mairrit intae the Macaffertys, aye right enough, there fuckin mental that lot.

Hannah McGill, whom I love  and have seen interviewing Judd Apatow, Brian Cox and John Boorman, and knows her films, was part of the judging panel that put The Finnegans forward  for the Michael Powell award for Christ’s Sake’s.

Incidentally, Control won the award.

So whats going on here?  Can anyone with a camera, a brassneck and a wee mad  withering snidey way of talking breakthrough into the bigtime . Right enough look at Billy Connolly, aw he dis is tell stories aboot jobbies, anybuddy can dae that.

Theres a school of thought that says the current trend in tortureporn will fade away, people will get  bored with all the chainsawed legs and other  snipped utterances, resulting in a return to suspense and intrigue and pathos in Horror, but surely, if we apply the same principle to comedy, we do not want to return to Mike and Bernie winters, Parrotface Davies or that annoying bastard who did the chicken thing, Norman Collier.

Stop giving these scheemies so many chances and stay on the middle ground with Bobby Davro


2 thoughts on “Oh Lummy

  1. Ha ha. Sense of humour’s such a personal thing isn’t it.

    I remember watching a Roy Chubby Brown gig on Sky in the spirit of not condemning things I hadn’t experienced. People that I like said it would be the funniest thing I’d ever seen.

    It wasn’t. And after a half hour of trying to join in I just thought, ah screw it and sat wretchedly through the rest of the thing reconciling myself to the fact that I am just not of this species at all, and that all I need to do is sit tight and the mother ship will send a pod to rescue me.

    But then as a student I almost lost the ability to breathe during a video of a Steven Martin gig, whilst everyone else in the room looked on with furrowed brows and angry incomprehension.

    Horses for courses. Six swings and half a dozen roundabouts. Or to misquote Paul McCartney and Wings: Live and let live.

    I haven’t seen Limmy/Limmey but you have now helped me make sense of a trailer I keep seeing on BBC2 in which someone in a control room is making people’s low-slung trousers fall down. I’m not sure if that’s fairly representative of his comedy, but if all you’ve got is a “laughing at young peoples’ clothes” routine then you’ve probably surrendered the comic high ground as an entertainer.

    I will avoid the programme and invest the time I have saved in more crappy horror movies.

    Thanks for your public-spiritedness and all the rest.

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